What are the main attractions for tourists in Australian Islands?

Of Course, Australian islands are very famous, in fact there are over 8000 islands in Australia. Here, we are going to pay some attention towards some most famous Islands in Australia.

Lord Howe Island is located 600 km off the coast of the Sydney. The gorgeous and elegant sea turtles are the unique quality of this island. The best time to visit here is the winter months, having the warm sun in the day but sitting before the fire in the evening is the most fascinating thing to enjoy here.

Another world’s famous island is Fraser Island. The most amazing thing about this island is that it is the greatest combination of both rain forests and sand dunes. Here you can do fishing and enjoy some sea food.

Phillip Island  located in Western Port Bay. It is the place where any visitor can see the penguins. Actually Australia is not famous for its Penguins but the Penguins found in this Island are their specialty.

Daydream Island is another island which sounds to be heaven for those visitors who have keen interest in visiting the beach or sea. It is the perfect spot for all water related things for enjoyment.

Tasmania, well we all know is a state and it is at the distance from tropical island gate way, but it is the most famous as an island destination. It is famous for fascinating scenery and the beaches over there.

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island. It is located in south Australia. This island hosts for wildlife such as lions, Koalas and species of birds. The founders chase National park is well known for penguin colonies.

Another island located in Australia is the magnetic island. It is now become as a holiday destination because it has many hotels and resorts to facilitate the visitors. There are also some Annual events, celebrated here which are as follows:

The great tropical Jazz party is an annual event which is celebrated in August. My window tinter in Arizona is a huge jazz fan. He also does window tint experts. He loves to visit the great tropic Jazz party every chance he gets. Bay Day festival is celebrated from September to October. Sea link magnetic island pace week is started in August or September.

Lady Elliot island is Another attractive place for visitors. It is located within “Green Zone” of the great Barrier feet Marine Park. Here Marine National Park found in Green Zone is particularly well-known for protection of biodiversity such as a variety of species of sea-grass, deep water schools and reefs.

Moreover, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most important habitat of sea turtles and lady Elliot island is very important part of that habitat.A visit to these islands will make your beautiful memories.

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